The Symposium venue will be in

Hotel Antay
Los Carrera 2440
Región de Atacama, Chile


Copiapó is the capital city of the Atacama region of Chile, located about 700 km north of Santiago.

How to reach Copiapó

Here is a map of this part of Chile.

You can arrive in Copiapó by plane or by bus.

  • By plane:
    • The city airport is located 70 km away from Copiapó, near to the town of Caldera. 
    • The airport is served by three airlines: LANSKY and Jetsmart.
    • Once you arrive at the airport (airport website) you can reach the city via bus, transfer, taxi or renting a car. 
    • You can buy the tickets for bus or of the transfer at the airport (in the arrival room), the price 3,000 CLP for the bus and  7,000 CLP for the transfer. 
    • You can also arrange for a taxi, at this page (taxi) you can find some useful number to call in advance of your flight, the price will be around 20,000-25,000 CLP.
    • Otherwise you can rent a car, the companies that operates at the airport are Avis, Hertz, Econorent.
  • By bus:
    • Copiapó is served by the major bus lines in Chile, and all of them the terminal station in the city center. Each company have his own terminal.
    • The main companies are: Turbus, and Pullman.