Hotels with reserved rooms

The hotels ANTAY, IBIS, ATACAMA SUITES, and CHAGALL have rooms reserved for the IAU Symposium 354 meeting until *December 31st*. After that date the rooms will be released and there is no guarantee to find a place in the city. Be aware that due to the huge demand of lodging for the eclipse event in Copiapo ALL the hotels and hostel in the city will be booked in a very short time.

To make your reservation you need to send an e-mail to the hotel (mail addresses below) with the details of your stay and the meeting reservation code in the subject of the mail. The reservation code will be given to you in the (automatic) e-mail confirmation after your registration. To speed things up, we provide below hotel-specific reservation forms (pdf) that also include the respective conditions and prices. Please fill out the reservation form and send it by e-mail to one of the four hotel with blocked rooms. In the mail subject please include the code. To be on the safe side we recommend to cc your hotel communication to

Hotel Antay (Symposium Venue)
Standard room USD 136 Max 1 P.
Standard room USD 161 Max 2 P.
Double room USD 156 Max 1 P.
Double room USD 176 Max 2 P.
Superior room USD 169 Max 1 P.
Superior room USD 190 Max 2 P.
Junior suite USD 176 Max 1 P.
Junior suite USD 203 Max 2 P.
Suite USD 291 Max 1 P.
Suite USD 339 Max 2 P.

Reservation form: reservation_form_general_condition_antay

Atacama Suites
Standard Room USD 125 Max. 1 P.
Superior Room USD 140 Max. 2 P.
Room Junior Familiar USD 205 Max. 4 P.
Suite USD 260 Max. 2 P.

Reservation form: reservation_form_general_condition_atacamasuite

Standard Room USD 80 Max 2 P.

Reservation form: reservation_form_general_condition_ibis

IBIS Budget
Standard Room USD 67 Max 2 P.
reservation :

Hotel Chagall
Standard Room USD 111
Standard Room USD 139 Max 2 P.
Standard Room USD 168 Max 3 P.
Executive Room USD 125
Junior suite USD 139

Reservation form: reservation_form_general_condition_chagal

Other hotels

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Hotel Bordeaux

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Hotel Diego de Almagro

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