Proceedings. Deadline for submission is set to November 1, 2019. See the instructions in the proceedings www subpage.

July 2nd: The IAU S354 crowd getting excited for eclipse watching from the base camp near La Silla.

Poster popup list. The following poster presenters are invited for an oral presentation.  New list for Thursday, July 4th:  PosterPopupList

Conference dinner. Will take place on Thursday, July 4, at the Hotel Wara Restaurant starting 20:00. All registered participants recieved an e-mail invitation by the regional government representative Patricio Urquieta García, Intendente de la Región de Atacama.


Moving around in Copiapo. The LOC provides a morning shuttle from Hotel IBIS to Hotel Antay (check out the LOC Instructions_Copiapo). Restaurant and bar recommendations (for the evening, not the morning) are here. 

Poster notes. Poster presentations: if you haven’t done so already and you are still wildly desperate to do an oral 1-min poster prezi pls send an e-mail and your one-page prezi (ppt, pdf) to Moira Jardine and/or the LOC.

Here is a map showing the eclipse path, fyi. See also the info on the Eclipse Tour.